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The difference between Electronic measuring wheel and mechanical measuring wheel

Electronic measuring wheels and mechanical measuring wheels are tools used to measure distance, length or circumference, but there are some differences in their working principles and characteristics. Here are the main differences between them:

Measuring principle:
Electronic measuring wheel: The electronic measuring wheel converts the angle or movement of the wheel into a distance value in real time by carrying electronic devices such as sensors, encoders, or laser rangefinders. These values can be displayed directly on the display screen, or can be electronically transmitted to a computer or other equipment for processing and recording.
Mechanical measuring wheel: The mechanical measuring wheel is a traditional measuring tool whose principle is based on simple mechanical movements. When the measuring wheel rolls, it will drive the mechanical counter connected to it. The counter records the number of turns of the wheel, and then combines the wheel diameter information to calculate the total measuring distance.
Electronic measuring wheels: Due to the use of electronic sensors and high-precision measuring technology, Electronic measuring wheels usually have high accuracy and reliability. They enable real-time measurements and eliminate human reading errors, often with an accuracy of a few millimeters or better.
Mechanical Measuring Wheel: The accuracy of a mechanical measuring wheel is affected by several factors such as friction when the wheel rolls, bearings, etc. While high accuracy is achievable under ideal conditions, some error may be introduced by the process of manual reading and counting.
scenes to be used:
Electronic measurement wheel: Due to its high accuracy and real-time measurement function, electronic measurement wheel is usually used for measurement tasks that require higher precision, such as land survey, engineering survey, map drawing and other applications that require accurate recording of distance.
Mechanical measuring wheel: Due to its relatively simple structure, the mechanical measuring wheel is usually used in some measurement scenarios that do not require high precision, such as indoor measurement, simple engineering measurement, etc.
Electronic Measuring Wheels:Electronic measuring wheels are usually lighter and may have a fold-down handle or a detachable design for easy portability and storage.
Mechanical measuring wheel: Mechanical measuring wheels are generally bulky and not very portable.
Generally speaking, the electronic measuring wheel has advantages in terms of accuracy, portability and real-time performance, but the price may be correspondingly higher. The mechanical measuring wheel is simple and practical, suitable for some measurement tasks that do not require precision. According to specific needs and budget, choosing the right measuring wheel is very important for the accuracy and efficiency of the work.