12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel

Wushan, a reputable manufacturer and supplier of counting devices and measuring tools, presents the 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Wushan has been a trusted brand in the industry since its establishment in 1988. The 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel exemplifies the company's dedication to providing advanced measuring solutions. This electronic tool offers exceptional advantages, making it an essential asset for professionals and individuals requiring accurate distance measurements.


The 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel stands out with its remarkable features and selling points. Equipped with a precise electronic measuring system, this tool ensures accurate and reliable distance readings up to 12 inches. The large 12-inch wheel enhances stability and provides smooth movement, resulting in precise measurements even on challenging terrain. The electronic display offers clear and easy-to-read results, eliminating the need for manual calculations. With additional features such as memory storage, unit conversion capabilities, and advanced measurement functions, the 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel enhances efficiency and convenience. This versatile tool finds application in various fields, including construction, surveying, landscaping, and real estate, where precise measurements are crucial for accurate planning and execution.


Wushan places great emphasis on delivering products of the highest quality and meeting international standards. The 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel is backed by the prestigious CE certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and performance requirements. Additionally, Wushan has established partnerships and export channels to over 30 countries and regions worldwide, including North America, South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Central Africa. This extensive export network highlights Wushan's global presence and its ability to cater to the diverse needs of customers seeking the 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel. By choosing Wushan, customers gain access to a trusted brand that prioritizes integrity, innovation, and excellence in the 12-Inch Electronic Measuring Wheel category.

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  • WS® is a leading China 12-Inch Telescopic Electronic Measuring Wheel with All-angle Screen manufacturers. Introducing the 12-Inch Telescopic Electronic Measuring Wheel with All-angle Screen, a cutting-edge measuring tool designed by Wushan, a renowned brand under Cixi Wushan Counter Co., Ltd. This advanced measuring wheel combines a 12-inch wheel, telescopic functionality, aluminum tube construction, kickstand, electronic features, and an innovative all-angle screen, providing precise measurements for a wide range of applications.

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